Question: Once you build a business website, how does anyone find it?

Answer: 9 out of 10 online customers and business people use "Search Engines" (Yahoo, Snap, Goto, Infoseek, Lycos, AOL Search, etc.) to find information and companies on the web. The more popular Search Engines have been known to get a million visitors a day! Basically, a Search Engine is like an online "librarian".

You ask a "search engine what you want to find " (by typing in a word often called a "key word" or "key word phrase" by web marketers) and the search engine gives you an instant list of summarized information in the form of "hyper-links". These hyperlinks go directly to Web sites owned by online businesses, who then benefit from the increased exposure to their website.


Rule of the "Internet Jungle": The more your business shows up "high" in the search engines results, the more online "traffic" to your site. This can, and usually will, result in increased business for your company (and increased customer satisfaction - as your present customers or associates can find you easily!)

spacer.gif (93 bytes) We try to get you the highest listings in the world's top search engines!

Don’t think you need web marketing right now?

There is probably nothing worse than having a great looking website that no one knows about (or visits!) People who ignore search engine marketing tend to sit around and wait for results (through new sales or new prospects) to justify the web design start-up costs, and they wait, and wait…

popguns 02/05/2000 Company Spotlight: Getting Started the Right Way!  FrontPage-Host.Net web design, ecommerce, and marketing client POP Guns has received more than 20,000 online visitors since going online in May, 1999.

AG00068_.gif (11236 bytes)Advanced Web Marketing That Works! The "SEMP" Program

The "SEMP" (Search Engine Marketing Program) consists of a 90-DAY MARKETING BLITZ consisting of repeated submissions of your website address "URL" to more than 1500 available search engines with special emphasis given to the internet’s "Top Ten" search engines such as "Yahoo", "Infoseek", "Alta Vista", "Lycos", "AOL", "Snap" "MSN" and "WebCrawler". Special computer programming is also added and hidden in the website to draw more attention from all the search engines. Results are carefully monitored during the 90 days period. If needed, changes are made to put your business ahead of your competitors.

Above: A "live" Visitor Counter from a Client's Website
With Marketing You Get Quantitative Results!  Every website comes with at least one "Visitor Counter".  Usually hidden on the home page and not seen to outsiders, a "Visitor Counter" gives the client a simple way to see just how many visitors are coming to their website. 

Our exclusive SEMP program gives the client an even better picture as to what is going on.  Many clients like to know which "page" within the website is most popular.  You can even find out at what time in the day visitors are most prevalent!

Yes, we can also provide "WebTrendsŪ stats!

It is our experience and belief that a proper, serious and diligent application of the use of search engine marketing will result in more business for you (and pay itself over and over again). Plus, you’ll save money if you start with the SEMP now. If you decide later that you should have added the SEMP program when you started, the cost of the full SEMP program by itself, including set-up charges is $2,000.00.