Using eNomís Reseller Interface in a Windows Environment


If you are in a Windows environment, you can use the supplied COM object (in the COMObject directory) to interface with eNom.For users with IIS, or a web server that runs ASP files, examples are provided in the following directory:


SampleSite†††††††††††††††††† A complete sample site in ASP using the COM object.You will need to edit the global.asa file with your eNom account username and password.Copy the files to your IIS server, making sure the directory they reside in is configured as an ASP application in IIS.


The COM object must be installed before the ASP files will execute.Directions on installing are in the COMObject directory.



The Sample Site does not do credit card processing. If you wish to process the orders yourself you MUST modify register.asp to process the card yourself. If you do a search for the string ďAt this point, you need to charge your clientís credit cardĒ, this is the location where the call will be made to your credit processing script.